Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Learning a language is like...

 Learning a language, Is like doing a jigsaw puzzle Of a million pieces
 With a picture that keeps changing.

 It's like getting lost in a foreign city without a map. 

 It's like playing tennis without a ball, like being an ant in a field of grasshoppers.
 It's like being an acrobat with a broken leg, An actor without a script, A carpenter  without a saw, A storyteller without a middle or an end.

 But then gradually It's like being out in the early morning with the mists lifting.

 It's like a chink of light under a door, like finding the glove you were looking for,  Catching the train you thought you were going to miss, Getting an unlooked-for  present, Exchanging a smile.

 And then one day it's like riding a bicycle very fast downhill.

Poem by Olivia McMahon.